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FAQ's are Facts

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FAQ's are Facts

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What are Spores?

Spores are microscopic single celled reproductive units of some plants and most fungi, They look great under a microscope!

How big are spores?

Our spores on average are around 10-15 microns across. For reference, a single hair is about 75 microns (depending on the person). The human eye typically cannot see anything smaller than 50 microns, so these babies are microscopic. Perfect to look at under the scope!

Are your spores consumable?

No. These spores are not consumable or meant for ingestion. Our spores are for Microscopy Research Purposes Only. 

What is microscopy?

Microscopy: The examination of minute (extremely small) objects by means of a microscope, an instrument which provides an enlarged image of an object not visible with the naked eye.

Do you sell spores to grow mushrooms?

No, we sell spores strictly for microscopy (use with a microscope) and research purposes. It is currently illegal under federal law to manufacture Psilocybin, a schedule I drug. It is for these reasons we do not sell spores for cultivation. Please do not contact us with questions regarding cultivation, we cannot and will not help you.

What do I do with your spores?

Research! No two ways of researching are the same, different people use different techniques. We recommend searching google, reddit and youtube for ideas on how to start. Essentially, you apply the spores to a glass slide, look through the eyehole and experience vivid spores in live-action.

How can I further my knowledge?

Check out our Education page here for additional resources.

What if I live in California, Georgia, or Idaho?

Unfortunately, state laws in CA, GA, and ID prohibit the possession or sale of spores. Until current laws change, we will be unable to ship orders to these states. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

What if there is a spore clot in my syringe?

If you encounter a clot or cluster of spores in your syringe, this is normal. Shake vigorously for 30 - 60 seconds to disperse spores among syringe. If possible, applying any vibrational waves via massager may also work. 

What if I don't have Paypal?

You can send us a email with your order and Venmo name and we will send you an invoice. After payment is received, we will print shipping label and email the tracking info. 


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